‘Mob Match’ Competition & Fundraising

Enter your school in our friendly ‘mob match’ competition

Schools ‘Mob-Match” Competition:

Bare Creek Trail Run is  an ideal environment for school teams to take a step into the wild side, and be home by lunch time. Without huge costs or logistics.

Mob-match – a friendly competition.  Friendly meaning about “team”  and enabling every participant to contribute to the team result. We encourage as many as participants as possible to enter. Students and teachers can be a part of the team.

Mob-match rules
  • Held over 6km and 12km distances.
  • 6km – Minimum of TEN participants per team.
  • 12km – Provided a minimum ten participants in 6km is met,  then an additional number of 12km participants  can be included in the team.
  • Team lists of members to be extracted from the Entry System which is open until 30 mins prior to each event.
  • To score you take the results from all schools and rank finishers in order of finish time.You then determine what is the lowest number of finishers from any team (must be ten or more in 6k). For example: Minimum participants from all schools are thirteen  in 6km and three in 12km. You add up the top thirteen 6km finishers rankings (e.g. 1st place = 1 point, 20th place equals 20 points) for each team and similarly the top three 12km finishers to create a team score.
  • Bonus points (deduction) for bigger teams! 1 point off total score for every 10 participants (eg team of 50 has their score reduced by 5 points).
  • The team with the LOWEST total point score wins.

Below are our primary school and high school eBrochures, to use in your internal school communications.

Primary School Brochure (PDF)

High School Brochure (PDF)

Fundraise for your school

Bare Creek Trail  provides our  community a healthy alternative to fundraising  –   it’s not  about our kids flogging donuts or chocolates, or even having to stand for hours on a sausage sizzle!

It’s about getting our children (and families) out in our great Aussie bush, literally on our doorstep, and enjoying community together.

There are distances suitable for all aged little and big kids. 2km Dash aimed at the infants aged children. 6km Family walk/run is a great opportunity for the whole family to get together. (Also 12km and 20km events for the more serious runner).

It is an easy set up using the platform “My Cause” and we can assist you with this. We can also provide you with e flyers at a minimal cost with school wording and school logo etc if you wish. On the day, we provide space at our Event Centre for school marquees etc so you can bring your own community together.

We will be fully COVID-19 compliant and have strong plans in place to support this.

This is a great healthy safe opportunity to fundraise, especially being in our wonderful outdoors.

Look forward to hearing from you and helping to keep your children on track!! Please contact us for more info.

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