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We work with students in need as they attempt to complete a Goal Race that, at the outset of the program, they often consider impossible. But success isn’t just crossing the finish line. That’s just the start!
Students commit to giving up their own time to complete our program, which is done before or after school. They work towards the completion of a Goal Race of between 10km and a half-marathon in length. But the skills Run Beyond develops are skills that can be applied beyond the finish line, to enable students to succeed in any field which inspires them!

Goal-setting, commitment, resilience

Our program, which involves a theoretical component as well as training for the Goal Race, teaches participants how to set goals; provides a framework for modelling commitment to these; and develops strategies to be resilient when obstacles to the attainment of these goals arise.

Beyond running. Beyond the finish line.

Running is a fantastic endeavour in and of itself, but we are in no way a running club. Running is the tool that we use to develop these crucial skills within students in need.

Our program places a strong emphasis on the broader application of these skills and encourages students to consider how they can apply them to all aspects of their lives, now and in the future.


While running is in many ways an individual sport, Run Beyond participants do more than just pursue individual goals. We provide them with a gateway into the running community, and an appreciation for the concept of community in all aspects of their lives. We develop skills that allow them to become active members of the communities to which they belong.

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