Frequently Asked Questions


Refunds / Cancellations

There are no refunds possible. 

Can I change my entry?

Yes, you can change your entry by contacting Mildren Events on 99791455 or email

Can I enter by mail or in person?

Entry can be done online only. Groups of 10 or more participants can do a bulk entry which can be arranged by contacting Mildren Events on 9979 1455 or email

Will Bare Creek Trail Run sell out?

There is a limit of 300 participants in the 15km event. This will sell out quickly.

All other events combined the numbers are limited. This event may sell out before entries close. 

Where can I pick up my race pack? 

Race Pack collection will be available on the morning of the event from 6.00am.

Can I collect a Race Pack for a friend?

Yes. You must bring a copy of your friends confirmation. 

What distance should I enter?

All distances start and finish at Acron Oval and enter the Garigal National Park at the Cascades Track.

The 6km, 10km and 15km wind through the undulating Lower Cambourne Trail before taking their respective routes. 

If you have never run on a trail before we advise that you try a shorter distance. Choose a distance that is within your limits and speak to your doctor before hand if you have any health concerns. The course marshals do offer support to help you, but you will enjoy the event more if you chose a distance that is within your limits.

Will my family's time be recorded?

No, the Family is set up for cheaper entry purposes. Your family name will be on your race bib but your time will be recorded as a single entry.

Are there drink stations along the track?

Yes.  There is a drink station at approximately the midway point on each course. There will be a drink station at the finish line. We encourage you to bring you own water container, reduce plastic and paper rubbish and help save our planet.

Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency please notify the nearest Marshall or SES Officer;

Marshals will be equipped with communication equipment and will request further assistance or an ambulance if necessary;

A First Aid Tent manned by St Johns Ambulance personnel will be located in a visible location within the post race Marketplace.

Can I order merchandise even if I am not entering the event as a runner?

Yes you can order any of the merchandise items directly from this website. 

What age do I have to be to enter? 

2km Dash – open to 3yrs and over (accompanying adult runs for free in the St Ives Village 2km Dash)

6km Family walk / run – open to 5yrs and over

10km run – open to 7yrs and over  

15km run – open to 12yrs and over

All children under 12yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult. (Children who run ahead of their ‘responsible adult’ may be paused by the Track Marshals to ensure proper supervision by an adult).

Babies/under 5's

Children 3 and over are welcome in the St Ives Village 2 km Dash.

Sorry, babies and children under 5 are not permitted in the 6 km, 10 km or 15km events.

Parent/Guardian Consent 

All participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian consent to the Terms and Conditions in the online entry form.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, the Bare Creek Trail Run follows the trails in the Garigal National Park and the National Parks & Wildlife Service does not allow dogs.

Will the event be held in wet weather?

Yes, the event will go ahead in the event of wet weather.

An alternate route has been planned and approved should we be unable to complete the full route through the Garigal National Park.

What equipment should I carry with me?

You shouldn’t need any specialist equipment for the Bare Creek Trail Run, we recommend some decent trail running shoes (that have knobby soles) and dress appropriately for the weather.

What food and drink should I carry with me? 

You should plan to replicate the routine you have been following in your training and be self-sufficient. Our aid stations have water to get you through the race. That being said, if on your long runs you have a favourite energy/protein or muesli bar then carry one with you in this event. Gels are a great "pick me up" for quick for energy. 

What should I do if I see somebody injure themselves?

This is a friendly event, so please to help out anyone in trouble. Our course marshals are not far apart so get a runner to run to the closest marshal so they can call first aid. We have first aid out on the course and they can be on the scene fairly quickly. Your company with the injured person during that wait could be vital.

What do I do if I get injured and can't carry on? 

We have track marshals sweeping the course. If you can't carry on stay on the course and either walk to the closest marshal and wait to be collected. DO NOT under any circumstance try to take a short cut back to the start/finish.

What do I do with my food or gel wrappers?

Carry them with you! Littering is against the law.  It is not acceptable to drop litter in an event. Please put the gel or food wrapper back in your pocket. 

What if I'm not sure that I'm on the course and I can't see course markings?

STOP! Back track until you reach the last course marking and check its direction. Markings will be comprehensive with arrows, bunting and lime markings on the ground. If you back track but can’t find any previous markings, stop at an intersection and wait. When somebody is recognised as lost we will search all the roads in the area to find them.