Start time & location

8.20am at Acron Road, Acron Oval, St Ives

(Race bib collection is from 6am at Accom Oval. Race briefing at approximately 8.05am)

The route

  1. The race briefing will be held on Acron Oval just before the start time of 8.00am. 
  2. The race starts on Acron Oval proceeds directly to the top of the Cascades Track and entry into the Garigal National Park. .
  3. Travel straight down the Cascades Track for about 1km going past the left hand turn that says “Upper Cambourne”. Just 200 metres downhill from this, turn left at the “Lower Cambourne” signpost/track. Follow Lower Cambourne  for around 1.25 km where you will come to a small  "Water Hole" /rivulet. (Sometimes dry if there has not been recent rain). Continue on the track for about another 1.5 kms. There are no other tracks so it is easy to "stay on track". 
  4. At the end of the 3 kms you reach a second, much larger creek. Look left and 10 metres upstream there is an easy crossing point. After crossing the creek, immediately get yourself back on the main track (i.e. approximately 10 metres back to the right). OR you can walk / run straight through the creek. The depth of the creek depends on the rainfall, so proceed with caution
  5. From the creek continue about 200 metres uphill until you reach a T-intersection. Turn left onto the Cascades track at this intersection. Keep going along the Cascades track for approximately 0.5 km, then turnaround and head back for the same distance to the T intersection. (This small loop back enables the full 6 km run)
  6. Continue on the Cascades Track for approximately 2km where you will come to another creek. It is about 4 metres wide, yet the water level varies depending on recent rainfall and is usually quite easy to cross. Once this creek has been crossed continue up for another 250 metres or so to a T intersection and turn right onto The Cascades Trail. (Make sure you don't turn left - you will end up in Roseville!)
  7. You will soon arrive at a left bend. Immediately after this bend is a steep concrete ramp. This will take you up to the Lower Cambourne intersection.
  8. Continue past the "Lower Cambourne" track, up the Cascades Trail back to the top gate at Douglas Street. Turn hard left back towards Acron Oval. 
  9. A final victory lap around the oval to the Finish Line. RUN!!